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About Zod.TV Transcoder

Our Service

Zod.TV uses a proof of stake network called NEAR to be a market maker in the video transcode space. Your transcode jobs go to zodtv to be transcoded for whatever the fair market value is.


Zod.TV will eventually consist at a zero-trust system, currently it is not fully there. Zero-trust means even zodtv cannot read your job but it can still do the work, math amazing is not?

Until this gets updated..

- All jobs submitted to zodtv do not go anywhere near the blockchain. A payment channel is opened onchain, and the jobs are relayed fully offchain. This means zodtv can read the job and you can read the job. No one else can (on and off the blockchain). You have the same privacy as using a centralized SAAS based transcoder.

- The NEAR blockchain is used for swift worldwide microtransaction settlement, authentication, and reputation.

- All transcode workers are under the control of zodtv, on zodtv hardware, meaning we do not give it out to other 3rd party miners as we cannot cryptographically secure the trust right now.


Dont compromise performance, we use the same hardware as big brand names.


$0.005 1080p
$0.02 4k
$0.05 8k

Competitor Big

$0.03 1080p
N/A 8k
Big Brand Name

Competitor Small

$0.01 1080p
$0.04 4k
N/A 8k

Transcode and Earn

Currently we are only accepting transcode clusters (1 rack+, 10gbe+ fiber) under jurisdiction action to zodtv. Due to zero-trust not being fully ready yet we cannot accept individual/hobby miners. Eventually if you have hardware that is up to date (supports zero-trust environments), you can connect it to the zodtv network to provide liquidity.

Need videos transcoded?

Our platform is geared towards VR and videos >=5k, but we can accomodate your workload by updating the core zodtv worker code. Let us know on discord and keep enjoying the ease of use with price savings.


Integrating with NEAR

A write up on our NEAR integration journey, including hickups.